To collect, preserve, exhibit, interpret and educate visitors about the local history of Uhrichsville, and the clay history of Uhrichsville and the surrounding region.

The Uhrichsville Clay Museum features a rich history of an area that was once considered the Clay Capital of the world with over 30 clay manufacturing plants in the area.

The Museum offers a variety of exhibits for every age to enjoy.

Exhibits are stocked with pieces from the past.

Highlights include some of the first pipe to be manufactured in the area and antique tools. Images of the old Clay mines and manufacturing plants show the hard work that went into making Uhrichsville the Clay Capital with 32 plants.

Other exhibits share pieces of some of the most valued
work that came from the plants: the folk art. Created in spare time by the workers, the folk art ranges from the smallest marbles to the creation of elaborate ash trays, unique hand crafted animals, and even intricate lamps fashioned like trees.

Some other displays share the communities heritage and support with the creation of Clay Week and information on the city.

Also there is a small theater area which regularly shares oral history presentations.

And don't forget the gift shop.


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